Resume’ of Joseph M. Schaffer Jr.


Continual Education

I continue to further my education by attending many professional seminars, conferences, and various certificate classes. I also continue to self-teach myself through the reading of many books and online resources. Most of my web design/development experience is self-taught. I continually strive to stay up-to-date with the latest philosophies/theories in this ever-changing environment.


Attended University of Texas at Austin
Professional Development Center Continuing Education Program
Certified in Project Management

2005 – 2006

Attended University of Phoenix/WIU – Online
Degree Pursued: Bachelor of Science
Major: Information Technology (With a Specialization in Visual Communication)
Status: Alumnus

1998 – 2000

Attended Texas Lutheran University – Seguin, TX
Degree Pursued: Bachelors
Major: Completion of Core Curriculum
Status: Alumnus

1998 – 1999

Attended Prairie Lea High School – Prairie Lea, TX
High School Diploma (Ranked 3rd in HS graduating class)
Completion of State of Texas Core Curriculum
Status: Alumnus

Work Experience

March 2009 – Present (continuous)

Joe Schaffer Consulting (Freelance)

•Self-Employed – Doing contract web design/development work. Doing work/responsibilities as all prior work experience listed below.

July 2012-Present

CSGOR/Top Skill Source/Wellpoint


• UI/UX Design and development across multiple platforms (mobile, web, etc.)
• As one of the Technical Advisory Group team; management and governance over all design and
branding and UI/UX, Accessibility (Section 508)/Usability standards across the company.
• Manage implementation of application products across multiple platforms, including mobile and
• Coordinate with application programmers and other stakeholders regarding implementation as
• Follow user testing and metrics and best practices to determine best optimization for user
interfaces to produce best user experience.

Of note:

• Google Project: Under NDA. Closely integrated with Google team to make final decisions on
projects. Finished ahead of schedule. Delivered high quality product in accord with Google’s high
• Blue Cross Blue Shield Projects: Deliver web application to provide insurance, healthcare provider
and healthcare solutions optimized for comparing and shopping.

July 2011-October 2011


Sr. UI/UX Lead (Creative Director)

•Sr. UI/UX Designer responsible for determining the wireframing, design and development standards for developing agency desktop, web and mobile applications.
•Delegated and managed work, including assigning various tasks to the appropriate development teams.
•Use advanced HTML/CSS and javascript to create clean and standards-compliant web pages for all various company websites.
•Have expertise in application design issues related to browser usability, cross-platform/cross-browser compatibility, color and quick loading of images etc.
•Establish design and branding and communicate across stakeholders
•Manage multiple projects, negotiate work flow and handle tight deadlines.
•Responsible for using analytical tools and best practices to make UI/UX decisions, and making
improvements where necessary. This included A/B testing, accessibility and usability studies, and other industry methods.

January 2010 – May 2011

Harland Clarke – Retail Channels


  • Sr. level web/user interface designer responsible for working with internal and external stakeholders develop, research and create user interfaces, page layouts and graphical elements for new and existing websites. (Includes foundational understanding of best practices surrounding e-commerce flow from product view, cart and cross sells, to payment and confirmation of payment.)
  • Use advanced HTML/CSS and javascript to create clean and standards-compliant web pages for all various company websites.
  • Implementing websites on internally built and externally built content management systems.
  • Utilize jQuery javascript framework as internal standard.
  • Create Cutting edge designs for online marketing initiatives, including banner ads.
  • Have expertise in internet design issues related to browser usability, cross-platform compatibility, color and quick loading of images etc..
  • Required to interact in a team environment, practice active listening skills, process information from multiple stakeholders and apply strong sense of design.
  • Manage multiple projects, negotiate work flow and handle tight deadlines.
  • Worked within a .net web environment.
  • Responsible for using analytical tools and observing website performance, and making improvements where necessary. This included A/B testing, usability studies, and other industry methods.

Of note:

  • Personally maintained a sum of websites which gross over $90 million annually in total
  • Implemented site improvements that moved conversion rate from 13% to over 17% consistently over declining market. This resulted in increased revenue and AOV.
  • Created e-commerce websites for big clients such as American Express, Walmart, SAM’s, AAA, Amway Global, Mary Kay etc.. as well as build and improve upon our own retail brands such as Checks In The Mail, Expressionery, Fidipidi, etc.. all of which saw increased revenue.
  • Helped outline a new e-commerce funnel flow for a new e-commerce platform being built internally.
  • On existing platforms streamlined e-commerce checkout flow, which resulted in higher AOV and conversions.
  • Personally tracked website performance via in-house and external analytics software and A/B testing. Worked closely with external SEO contractor (iCrossing). Also tracked conversions, sales, average order value, etc.

June 2006 – February 2009

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department – Austin, TX
Web Administrator


  • Sr. web/user interface designer responsible for implementing and managing latest philosophies in latest user interaction and design.
  • Responsible for developing and managing information architecture on internal and external websites following the latest IA best practices and philosophies.
  • Expert level hand-coding XHTML strict and transitional/HTML and CSS.
  • Fully understand and can easily implement the CSS box model
  • Usage of PHP, XML, Flash, sIFR, AJAX, and Javascript, including frameworks like CakePHP, jQuery, prototype, scriptaculous etc..
  • Develops programs; manages, implements, and maintains software solutions and systems integration projects to enhance Internet, Intranet, and external portal communities.
  • Develops and maintains web applications.
  • Tracks projects, confers with management, and advises on the status and progress of projects and processes.
  • Analyzes, evaluates, and make recommendations concerning existing information technology/systems processes and the development of new procedures, standards, tools, and techniques.
  • Analyzes the layout of Internet/Intranet pages for efficiency and effectiveness and assists in preparing graphics, text, and tables and determining the size and arrangements of illustrative material and copy.
  • Designs and implements new or revised methods that effectively meet the needs of the agency.
  • Determines operational, technical, and support requirements for the operation and maintenance of databases, text, and graphics.
  • Assists in the application and implementation of Internet and Intranet security.
  • Plans, assigns, and/or supervises the work of others.
  • Accessibility/Usability Coordinator responsible for implementing and administering web accessibility/usability best practices according to Federal Section 508, Texas Administrative Code 206 and WAI/WCAG and current recognized industry trends for usability and practices (including following latest research on user group and demographic data).
  • Coordinate with multiple divisions agency wide and create solid working relationship with agency Division Directors, their deputies, managers and employees.
  • Worked directly with the Marketing Director to create and establish online and offline marketing materials and promotions and to ensure that both were in total sync.
  • Familiar with the TPWD mission and goals.
  • Establish working rapport with all internal and external customers and team members.
  • Responsible for holding public training and development seminars, speaking publicly on topics from social media to web applications to actual hand-coding program languages.
  • In charge of streaming web broadcasts, including setup of the equipment necessary to do so.
  • Understand and be able to determine the best CMS (or other) solution to use for various projects. (Eg: Drupal, Plone, WordPress, Sharepoint, etc..)

Notable Achievements I brought to TPWD:

  • Experimented with (and sold management on) latest web trends (UI, style and content trends) to help TPWD remain cutting edge for an ever growing online audience.
  • Spearheaded new social media initiatives and social media marketing involving blogging and starting the official TPWD Twitter account, Facebook account, YouTube Channel, iTunes and Yammer internally.
  • Brought TPWD to the world of SEO best practices and philosophy supplemented with  tools such as Google analytics and other analytical tools such as Alexa, Quantcast, and others. Also kept up to date on the latest philosophies on keyword and key-phrase usage, as well as topic/page relevancy, bounce rate, and content quality and quantity.
  • Pioneered visual web marketing initiatives (banners, promotional websites, social media marketing etc..)
  • Spearheaded the usage SEM practices via ad-words and other online advertising buying to bring exposure to events, notices, products and services that the agency provided.
  • Projects have allowed for close working relationships with industry leaders from Google, Adobe, Knowbility and other well-regarded professionals.
  • Got management buy-in to attend seminars, personal training and other conferences to learn from some of the best minds in the business such as project leads from Google and Adobe and industry greats like Eric Meyer – noted CSS expert and Jeffrey Zeldman – noted usability/accessibility expert (believes that accessibility doesn’t mean you can’t have a great design)
  • Spearheaded really bringing the implementation of State and Federal accessibility requirements to TPWD. Teaching people the importance, the letter and spirit of the law and the what, why and how to implementing.
  • Introduced TPWD to RSS feeds and how to offer them to the public.
  • Spearheaded moving TPWD from using WYSIWYG editors and html tables to the benefits of hand-coding XHTML/CSS, which really opened up the eyes of the agency as to how powerful CSS really can be in making designs come alive, especially if mixed with other technologies such as javascript or ajax.
  • Held multiple classes (internally) and held larger seminars open to the public teaching  XHTML/CSS including how the box model works.
  • Spearheaded moving  TPWD away from sterile looking government sites to fresh new aesthetically pleasing UI design, using tools like jQuery, Prototype, Flash, Photoshop and expert usage of XHTML/CSS.
  • A co-worker and I spearhead the need for an enterprise level CMS solution. We received management buy-in and proceeded to implement Zope/Plone.

July 1998 – January 2008

Kujoe, LLC – San Marcos, TX – Kyle, TX – Luling, TX – Dover, PA
President – CEO/Lead Web and Graphic Designer


  • Manage all day to day company operations including 9 people who worked for me.
  • Assist in network planning, deployment, and maintenance.
  • Build, design, and in some cases maintain client web projects and applications (including e-commerce needs).
  • Responsible for consulting, developing and managing information architecture structure best suited for client web projects.
  • As Sr. Designer: create and/or approve all design and graphics for all client designs whether printed or web based, including banner ads (animated or otherwise), logos, photo retouching and manipulation.
  • As Sr. Project Manager: manage and track time, technologies and processes spent on all projects by various workers and outside vendors/clients
  • Created web video and audio content.
  • Expert level hand-coding XHTML strict and transitional/HTML and CSS.
  • Fully understand and can easily implement the CSS box model
  • Usage of PHP, XML, Flash, sIFR, AJAX, and Javascript on a per project as-needed basis.
  • Usage and implementation of various database technologies as needed (Eg: MySQL).
  • Web Promotional and Marketing Techniques such as the usage of Web 2.0 Social Media Applications and SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing)
  • Provide Technical support for hardware and software applications that clients use to create web content. This includes Microsoft Word Templates or Raw documents, advanced tabling and form creation. Support also involves directing the client on how to put content on multimedia storage devices such as flash drives or cd/dvd disks. If necessary we educate client how to repair their computer.
  • Consulted with clients on the best practices, processes, languages and technologies to use for their projects.
  • Offered services as user interface design and interactivity, Accessibility/Usability site reviews and consulting.
  • Held public training and development seminars, speaking publicly on topics from social media to web applications to actual hand-coding program languages.
  • Attended trainings and seminars to keep up with the latest and greatest trends and skills.
  • Understand and be able to determine the best CMS (or other) solution to use for various projects. (Eg: Drupal, Plone, WordPress, Sharepoint, etc..)
  • As lead salesperson: attend in-person project bids, conferences and other networking initiatives to generate leads and clients. Interact with business owners and managers to determine client needs and convert the sale.

July 2003 – March 2004

Lion Wireless HQ – San Marcos, TX
Regional Manager, Web Master and IT Consultant

  • At the peak of business Managed 9 stores and employees across the Austin/San Antonio corridor.
  • Sold T-mobile, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, Cingular and ATT wireless services.
  • Responsible for creating/maintaining the Web Site and managing E-mail servers.
  • Managed all system administration, computer networking and PC/software maintenance, PC purchasing, building and repair.
  • Graphic designer for all web and printed sales material including fliers, door hangers, business cards, and stationary.
  • Provided Tech Support Duties to all Executive staff. This included teaching them how to use ALL aspects of Microsoft Word, company specific software and maintaining installing and educating staff on POS systems; maintaining and installing web based surveillance cameras and associated software. Tech support also entailed maintaining server systems and computers to run as efficiently as possible, including repair if necessary.

Summary of Qualifications

Extensive experience in personnel management, interpersonal skills, IT, communication, writing, customer service, and general office skills. Strong ability to grasp and utilize new information quickly and accurately. VERY strong, proven, demonstrated ability to self-teach any necessary new physical or mental skills such as computer programming languages. Extensive experience with Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc…), Acrobat, Photoshop, ImageReady (for animated gifs) HTML/XHTML, CSS, Ajax, sIFR, Illustrator, JavaScript, computer software/hardware assembly, networking, Apache, PHP, flash skills, various content management systems (CMS), server updating and maintenance. Ability to use entire Adobe Creative Suite. Continually evaluating and using new tools as they become available. Daily read and soak up new information in the industry as well as daily use of social media outlets. Voluntarily keep up-to-date on the latest wb standards, best practices, theories and philosophies.

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